About me

Simon working as a chemist
Simon working as a chemist in 2000

I believe everyone can be helped by yoga and the Alexander Technique.
After 10 years of working as a medicinal chemist at the American Pharma giant Merck Sharpe and Dohme where I would mix chemicals looking for cures to depression and pain, in 2000 I gave up it up to teach yoga.
Almost immediately I started to train as an Alexander Technique teacher, I had a stiff neck and painful knees and wanted to understand the reason why, after all I did yoga!

I teach AT to private clients in and around East London.

I teach yoga to groups and individual sessions. I have taught in primary and secondary schools, Belmarsh Prison, over 60’s, yoga in chairs, children with special needs and Baby Yoga.

Yoga and the Alexander Technique compliment each other very well.
As Aldous Huxley put it ‘Up to the present time only two solutions have been discovered to the problem of bridging the gap between idealistic theory and actual practice. The first, which is very ancient, is the mystic’s technique of transcending personality in a progressive awareness of ultimate reality. (Simon – great definition of yoga) The second is a very recent discovery by FM Alexander and may be described as a technique for the proper use of the self, a method for the creative conscious control of the whole psychophysical organism.’
Quote from ‘End-gaining and means-whereby’ by Aldous Huxley.

I trained at The Essex Alexander School between 2000- 2003 where I was taught by Ken and Angela Thompson.

I live in Leytonstone, East London with my wife Grace and son Ben where we are actively involved with our local church, LUFC.

Leytonstone 2015
Hadrian’s wall 2017
summer 2019

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Simon,
    I am a yoga therapy intern and yoga teacher in Dallas, TX, USA and I came across your website while researching yoga techniques for Sickle Cell Pain. I have volunteered to lead a support group meeting and I would love to know any information or resources you can share to help this population with pain management.
    Thank you,
    Rita Angeloni

  2. Rita

    thanks for your post, here is a brief thought.The yoga most suitable depends on the individual, young or old, fit or stiff, mentally calm or busy but for me the common thread is the importance of relaxation.
    The techniques I use to develop the ability to relax are yoga nidra and breath control (pranayama.- nadi shodhana and bhramari)
    best wishes to you and the group

  3. Many thanks Simon, excellent teacher. The back pain I had before the class has certainly improved and I feel much more relaxed.

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