Alexander Technique

FM Alexander (1869-1955) 

FM Alexander was an actor who kept losing his voice, in a quest to cure his problem he discovered the principle that became known as the Alexander Technique.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) has a very informative website.
The Alexander Technique has been proven to help low back pain in a study published in the British Medical Journal.

Two types of people are particularly interested in learning this technique:
The person suffering from persistent pain somewhere in the body.
Someone who wants to achieve their full potential in a chosen field such as music, dance, acting or sport.

What does it involve?
A detailed look at our habits, how do we walk, sit, stand, use a computer etc.
Some habits will be identified as unhelpful and the teacher will show the student how to change them. By removing these harmful habits the mind and body will have better coordination and movement will be more graceful and require less effort.

How long will it take?
Between 10-15 sessions will give an understanding of the Technique, the benefit of this knowledge will be experienced when it is routinely applied everyday, the effects can be felt for a lifetime.

How much is a lesson?
Rates do vary depending on whether I travel to you and if a batch of lessons are purchased.
Typically a session costs £35 which can last up to an hour.

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