what difference will AT make?

Some quotes from Alexander Technique students.

Doing the AT has had a real influence on my entire life. It has helped me understand how to maintain my posture and ensure that I use my body effectively to minimise the aches and pains previously felt from working in an office environment. It has changed the way I walk and hold myself and given my a quick and simple remedy to improve and align my spine when I’m feeling particularly crumpled. Even if you do not have the time to continue classes long term, even a minimal understanding of how the body/posture works and being able to recognise bad postural habits has the ability to improve personal well-being and gives the individual greater control in the choices they make. Simon was a great teacher who helped me to understand how small changes can have a big impact.

I came to Alexander Technique with having little understanding. I soon realised that it was far from being a few postural exercises but about a whole different way of thinking and being and about changing/ breaking a life time of habits. I came from the lessons with a new lightness of being filled with enthusiasm, confidence, feeling taller and feeling open. However, changing the complex reasons behind the way you hold yourself is difficult, at times emotional and overwhelming. A lifetime of a way of sitting, moving, walking, reacting is a comfort and breaking this down feels raw and exposing. It was difficult going straight from the lessons into work where the instinct was to immediately adopt the usual comfortable, safe and known way of behaviour.
Simon is a wonderful teacher and although I have had a break from the lessons it is something I will return too shortly. Sometimes I feel that I have retained nothing from the lessons but writing this I have realised that I have made baby steps. Even if those baby steps are only to open up a new way of thought and to realize how much my movement is connected to emotions and life time events.

I’d be lying if I said I’d really made profound long-term changes to my lifestyle, which I think is partly because I haven’t taken the time to embed this in a routine as much as I should have. I do avoid scrunching my neck when I look at the screen now, which I consider a big plus.On the other hand, I’m more aware of my posture, and how I orient myself now, and in particular, I lie down on the floor with my head on a book regularly, and even more regularly if I get pain in my neck (which is thankfully more rare now). I also stretch more.

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