Yoga Resources

This is sri yantra, a meditation tool, taking you from the exterior to the interior and finally to union at the central dot.

Home Practice

Have a look at this routine which includes sitting, lying down and standing. session 1
The postures will take 15 mins, the relaxations can be as long as you like!

This routine is floor based taking about 20 mins. session 2

This is a 30 minute mainly standing routine session 3

Here is the reminder of the Surya Namaskara sequence.
This sequence is amazing, when done quickly it is a dynamic workout, if done slowly it can settle a busy mind.

Here is Rishikesh sequence, the classical yoga postures are strong and should only be attempted by experienced yogis. I have included some more gentle variations which will be suitable for most people.

This audio relaxation is a good way to start your practice.

initial relaxation

This audio file is a relaxation to finish your home practice, it includes ‘rotation of the consciousness’ which leads to a deep sense of relaxation which can aid sleep.

rotation of the consciousness

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